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Battery Materials

POSCO FUTURE M is beginning a new era of green energy with the world’s leading products and technology you trust.

Battery Materials

Batteries work through an electrochemical reaction involving lithium(Li) ions that flow back and forth from the positive pole (+) to the negative pole (-) to generate electricity. They can be recharged and reused multiple times, and therefore used to power sustainable mobility including EVs, IT devices and diverse home appliances.

Batteries consist of four elements: cathodes, anodes, electrolytes, and separator. POSCO FUTURE M produces the most essential materials in batteries -- cathodes and anodes -- and delivers them to the world. POSCO FUTURE M looks forward to becoming a frontrunner in the global market by expanding our production capacity, completing our value chain for raw materials, and conducting R&D in next-generation technologies as a sole producer of both cathodes and anodes in Korea based on in-depth research.

충전: 양극(+)에 있던 리튬이온(Li+)이 음극(-)으로, 방전: 음극(-)에 있던 리튬이온(Li+)이 양극(+)으로 이동
Cathodes make up the positive charge (+) in batteries, a source of energy for lithium in lithium ion batteries, which determine battery capacity and the average voltage.
POSCO FUTURE M produces nickel, cobalt, manganese (NCM) cathodes rich in nickel. We have developed NCMA cathodes with added thermal stability by combining aluminum in the mix.
We plan to expand our global production capacity in line with the growth in the EV market. Our annual production capacity of cathodes is projected to reach 610,000 tons, the highest level by global standards, until 2030.
  • High-nickel cathodes

  • A view of the Gwangyang plant

Product family Characteristics Used mainly in
Cathodes NCM-6x - High-nickel cathodes (approx. 60% nickel, cobalt and manganese)
- High-capacity, high-stability material that releases minimum gas when charging and discharging
Electric vehicles (EV)
NCM-8x - High-nickel cathodes (approx. 80% nickel, cobalt and manganese)
- High-capacity, high thermal stability, low internal resistance
Electric vehicles (EV)
IT devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops)
Electric machines (PT)
NCMA - High-nickel cathodes (approx. 80 nickel, cobalt, manganese and aluminum)
- High-capacity, low internal resistance, thermal stability higher than NCM-8X
Electric vehicles (EV)
Electric machines (PT)
Anodes store lithium ions and release them to let the electricity flow through external circuits. This determines the charging speed and the lifecycle of a battery.
POSCO FUTURE M develops and supplies natural graphite and low-expansion anodes. We are diversifying our portfolio by developing next-generation materials, such as artificial graphite, silicon and lithium metal.
We produce high-performance anodes that maintain a stable structure even after numerous charging and discharging. Building on these capabilities we aim to secure an annual production capacity of 320,000 tons by 2030 and lead the global market.
  • Natural graphite Anodes

  • Anodes Production Lines

Product family Characteristics Used mainly in
Anodes Natural graphite Anodes - Made from natural graphite
- High conductivity, high power, long product life
Electric vehicles(EV)
IT IT devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops)
Electric machines (PT)
Energy storage system (ESS)
Artificial graphite Anodes - Manufactured from cokes
- High output anodes with long product life through particle shape control and surface treatment
Electric vehicles(EV)
Silicon Anodes - Made with silicon
- Higher energy density
- Business arrangements in the works
Electric vehicles(EV)
Lithium metal Anodes - Produced using lithium metal
- Higher energy density
- In development as a next-generation material
Electric vehicles(EV)
All-solid-state batteries
Precursors exist before cathodes and are composed of various metals including nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co), manganese (Mn), and aluminum (Al). When combined with lithium, precursors dictate the characteristics of the battery and form cathodes.

Price and features of precursors vary depending on the percentage of resources used, so we are studying to find the optimum combination of those. POSCO FUTURE M will broaden the volume of in-house production for better supply stability.
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