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Dear visitors,
a warm welcome to all of you visiting the POSCO FUTURE M website.
포스코퓨처엠 대표이사 사장 유병옥 사진
We are committed to creating a sustainable future with world-class eco-friendly materials.
POSCO Future M took its first step as a refractory specialist company alongside the establishment of the POSCO Pohang Steelworks half a century ago. Since then, it has contributed to the industrial development of our country through its basic materials business, including quicklime.

We have recently expanded our business areas into energy material fields such as cathode and anode materials, which will be at the core of future mobility, laying the foundation for continuous growth.

Based on our inherent competitiveness that aligns with market value, POSCO Future M aims to lead the hyper-differential business, establish a solid ESG management system, and secure the steadfast trust of all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, partners, and the community.

Just as our name, POSCO Future M, encapsulates our mission to take a leading role (Management) in creating a prosperous future (Future) by driving change (Movement) in the world through materials (Materials), our challenge to enrich the world with top-tier eco-friendly materials and open the door to a sustainable future will only accelerate.

We kindly ask for all our stakeholders' continued interest and support in POSCO Future M's vigorous journey.
President and CEO
Yoo Byeong-og
Yoo Byeong-og
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