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Advanced Chemical Materials

Our essential chemical products and materials make cleaner solutions more convenient to use.

Advanced chemical materials

POSCO FUTURE M produces raw chemical materials, such as coal tar and light oil, by highly refining coke oven gas (COG) and carbon by-products generated in cokes production.

Based on this, we are producing an increased volume of cutting-edge materials with high added-value, such as needle cokes and pitch cokes in domestic production sites, delivering a stable supply of mandatory materials.

Carbon Materials
We separate high-purity raw chemical materials from COG and carbon-based by-products, to produce coal tar and light oil, etc. They are used, in turn, as raw materials for anodes in secondary cells and advanced materials like needle cokes.
We stay at the forefront of the industry through the constant development of new technologies and sound investment to ensure global competitiveness in raw materials, productivity and quality.
Carbon Materials
Product family Characteristics Used mainly in
Coal tar Thick dark material generated as a by-product when heating carbon at a high temperature. It is usually obtained in the manufacturing process for cokes in steel production. Anodes including needle and isotropic cokes
Raw material
Graphite electrodes
Light Oil A compound of benzene, toluene, and xylene obtained as a by-product during the purification process for coke oven gas Manufacture of benzene, toluene, and xylene (BTX)*
Oil Creosote oil, naphthalene oil, blend oil, absorption oil produced while distilling coal tar Carbon black (*)
Water reducers for concrete

* Benzene is used as intermediate material when producing various plastic. Toluene is used as a solvent used to dissolve chemicals and as a raw material for DNT. Xylene is used as a solvent.

* Carbon black : Fine carbon particles are used to produce a black pigment used in inks, tires, clothing, and electric wires.

Carbon Materials
Needle cokes and pitch cokes, produced by processing coal tar, are used as important intermediate materials for producing high value products including anodes made from artificial graphite, electrode rods, and isotropic graphite blocks. POSCO FUTURE M has successfully localized production of needle cokes and pitch cokes via our subsidiary, POSCO MC MATERIALS.
We also deliver activated carbon that removes harmful substances we encounter daily (from the stratosphere and water) and is used as supplementary material for batteries.
POSCO FUTURE M is working to set up a stable system of supplying fundamental raw materials in anticipation of rapid growth of the EV market.
Carbon Materials
Product family Characteristics Used mainly in
Needle Cokes Artificial cokes solidified by removing impurities like quinoline insoluble particles (QI) when processing coal tar at a high temperature. They resemble a needle and have high conductivity, low internal resistance, and are slow to expand when heated. Artificial graphite electrodes
Artificial graphite anodes for secondary cells
Pitch Cokes Solid cokes that have not had quinoline insoluble particles (QIs) removed. They have an isotropic molecular structure that have a similar arrangement in all directions. It is a material with high density, high strength and outstanding thermal resistance. Semiconductor silicon
Isotropic graphite block for crucibles
Activated Carbon Can be standardized and commercialized into special-purpose goods that get rid of harmful substances with ultra-high output and superb capacity that supplement a shortage in EV battery output or enhance selective adhesive properties. Supercapacitor electrodes
Air purification
Water treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is the best-known oxidizing agent also used as disinfectants. It’s strength lies in wide applicability, even used in toil restoration and wastewater treatment industries.
P&O Chemical, a joint venture between POSCO FUTURE M and OCI, the first to produce hydrogen peroxide by using the by-product hydrogen extracted from COG in the steelmaking process. High purity hydrogen peroxide is a high-value material used in etching* and cleaning of semiconductors, displays and in the solar industry.

* Etching : A surface processing method designed to obtain the shape as needed by corroding and removing unwanted areas.

Used mainly in

Semiconductors / displays

paper pulp bleaching

textile bleaching

medical industry (sterilizer)

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