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Advanced Chemical Materials

Our essential chemical products and materials make cleaner solutions more convenient to use.

Advanced Chemical Materials

By refining coke oven gas (COG) and carbon by-products generated in coking plants, POSCO FUTURE M produces high-purity chemical materials, such as coal tar and crude light oil.

These chemical materials are further processed to create advanced value-add products, e.g. needle coke and pitch coke. In Korea, our commercial production ensures reliable local supply of these essential industrial materials.

Carbon Materials
To produce coal tar and crude light oil, requisite materials for advanced components, such as rechargeable battery anodes and needle coke, we extract and process high-purity chemicals from coke oven gas and carbon by-products.
To build competence in sourcing, productivity and quality of carbon materials, we are continuously investing and engaging in R&D activities. We hope to set the pace of industrial growth through our progress.
Carbon Materials
Product category Characteristics Applications
Coal tar Coal tar is a dark, viscous material obtained as a byproduct of coke manufacturing by applying heat to coal. anode material,
e.g., needle coke, isotropic coke
industrial raw material
graphite electrodes
Crude light oil A compound of benzene, toluene, and xylene obtained as a by-product during the purification process for coke oven gas benzene, toluene and xylene (BTX)*
Oil Creosote oil, naphthenic oil, blend oil and absorption oil produced from coal tar distillation carbon black**
water reducers

* Benzene is a versatile intermediate used for the production of various plastic products. Toluene is used as a solvent to dissolve chemicals and also as a raw material for the manufacture of dinitrotoluene. Xylene is used as a solvent.

** Carbon black : a black pigment consisting of fine carbon particles used in inks, tires, cloths and electric wires.

Carbon Products
Derived from coal tar, needle coke and pitch coke are crucial for manufacturing high value-add products, e.g. artificial graphite anode materials, electrodes and isotropic graphite blocks. In the past, Korean manufacturers relied heavily on imports for these essential ingredients. However, POSCO MC MATERIALS, our subsidiary, has commenced commercial production of needle coke and pitch coke in Korea.
Additionally, we plan to supply activated carbon, an agent ordinarily used in the household or by industries to filter noxious substances from the air and water; this agent also serves to supplement rechargeable battery performance.
POSCO FUTURE M foresees rapid growth in the EV market. To meet the growing demand for EV batteries, we will strengthen capabilities to ensure reliable supply of key materials.
Carbon Products
Product category Characteristics Applications
Needle Cokes As an artificial type of coke that derives from high-temperature treatment of coal tar, needle coke is produced by removing impurities such as quinoline insoluble particles (QI) and then solidifying the material. The needle shape allows for higher electrical conductivity, low internal resistance and slow thermal expansion. artificial graphite electrodes
artificial graphite anode materials for
rechargeable batteries
Pitch Cokes Pitch coke is a type of solidified coke from which quinoline insoluble particles (QI) has not been removed. Pitch coke is isotropic, meaning its internal structure is similar in all directions. The material is dense, strong and highly resistant to heat. semiconductor silicon
isotropic graphite block used for the
manufacture of crucibles
Activated Carbon Known for its ultra-high energy density and capacity, activated carbon can enhance the power capacity of EV batteries. The material also excels as a selective adsorbent, making it possible to develop into toxin removing agents in various sizes and into special-purpose products. supercapacitor electrodes
air purifier
water treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is recognized as a natural oxidizing agent and disinfectant. It is widely applied for land restoration and wastewater treatment.
P&O Chemical, a joint venture between POSCO FUTURE M and OCI, is the first Korean company to produce hydrogen peroxide from by-product hydrogen captured from steelworks coke oven gas. High-purity hydrogen from P&O Chemical adds significant value to diverse industries by helping semiconductor, display and solar energy producers to etch* and clean products.

* Etching : A surface processing method that uses a chemical process to selectively remove unwanted parts to render the desired form

Used mainly in

Semiconductors / displays

paper pulp bleaching

textile bleaching

medical industry (sterilizer)

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