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Reporting Center
for Unethical Behavior

Reporting Center for Unethical Behavior is an online space for reporting unethical behavior of POSCO Chemical employees, such as unfair business practices, corruption, and private business dealings to help establish a sound corporate culture.
Your contribution helps us to build a culture of integrity within the company free of corruption.
Making a report
  • - You can send us a written report, call us, send a fax or email, but we strongly recommend that you use this Voice of the Customers page.
  • - Make sure to include 5Ws and 1H.
  • - We do not accept false reports, slander, or reports on the personal privacy of individuals.
  • - The report will be reviewed in the Right Path Management Office and the result of your report will be sent to your email.
  • Tel +82-054-290-0112
  • FAX +82-054-290-0881
  • E-mail ethics@poscochemical.com
Consent to the collection of personal information under the Personal Information Protection Act
Purpose for the collection of personal information / Information collected / Purpose of use of personal information
  • 1. For customer support, we collect only the minimum amount of personal information.
    We ask for consent to collect and use personal information for the purpose of confirming the content of the consultation and providing a reply to your inquiry.
  • 2. Information collected
    - Your name, phone number, email and password
  • 3. The retention and use period of personal information is six months after your inquiry.
  • 4. You have the right to refuse consent. However, if you refuse to give consent, you cannot use our customer support service.
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