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With industry-leading products and cutting-edge technologies,
POSCO FUTURE M drives the green energy transition.
POSCO FUTURE M has the longest history within POSCO Group. In 1963, originally named Samhwa Hwasung Co., Ltd., POSCO FUTURE M started as an alkaline refractories producer. In 1994, by merging with Pohang Furnace, an industrial furnace maintenance and construction company, the company transformed into a furnace materials supplier with integrated service offerings, ranging from refractories manufacturing to furnace installation.

After launching a quicklime business to supply the iron and steelmaking material to Pohang and Gwangyang Steelworks, we have become Korea’s largest quicklime producer. Additionally, coke oven gas generated during ironmaking is recycled for our chemical business. Our product offerings include needle coke and pitch coke, essential materials for electric vehicle batteries and electric furnaces for steel industry.

We ventured into the anode active material (AAM) business in 2010, followed by the cathode active material (CAM) business in 2018, carving out a unique position as the only Korean business capable of offering both rechargeable battery components, CAM and AAM. Additionally, we have exclusive knowhow to manufacture artificial graphite from pitch coke, a steelmaking by-product. Finally, in collaboration with other affiliated subsidiaries specialized in lithium and nickel manufacturing, we are able to source requisite raw materials for CAM and AAM. Consequently, POSCO Group has ownership across the full value chain of the rechargeable battery materials business.

As the world’s largest CAM plant, our Gwangyang plant delivers 90,000 tons per year. By 2030, our goal is to expand annual production capacity to 1 million tons for CAM and 370,000 tons for AAM. By doing so, POSCO FUTURE M will be recognized as a global top-tier eco-friendly future materials provider.
포스코퓨처엠 전경
The beginning 1963 ~ 1993
A partner in the steel industry
  • Refractories Manufacturing (1963~1993)

  • 1963.01
    Establishment of Samhwa Hwasung Co., Ltd.
  • 1974.02
    Construction of Pohang Plant for magnesia clinkers
  • 1983.09
    Construction of a fully automated factory for irregular-shaped refractories
  • 1983.12
    Founded a technology research center
  • Refractory Maintenance (1971~1993)

  • 1971.05
    Establishment of Pohang Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd.
  • 1973.05
    Designated as a maintenance partner by POSCO
  • 1987.03
    Company was renamed Pohang Furnace Co., Ltd.
  • 1993.04
    Company was renamed Keoyang Furnace Co., Ltd.
Early days 1994 ~ 2008
Acquiring competitiveness in the basic material industry
  • 1994.12
    Company was renamed Pohang Iron and Steel Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd. (Samhwa Hwasung merged with Keoyang Furnac)
  • 2001.04
    Company was renamed POSREC Co., Ltd.
  • 2001.10
    Listed on KOSDAQ
  • 2003.07
    Declared the Code of Ethics
  • 2004.07
    Started the Nanumi Volunteer Group
  • 2006.07
    Earned Safety and Health Management System (KOSHA 18001) certification
  • 2008.02
    Operation of a lime burning facility at Pohang Steelworks
  • 2008.11
    Operation of a lime burning facility at Gwangyang Steelworks
Transformative growth2009 ~ 2020
Revamping the company into a future-ready business
  • POSCO Chemtech(2010~2018)

  • 2010.03
    Company was renamed POSCO Chemtech
  • 2010.08
    Operation of a coke oven gas (COG) facility at Gwangyang Steelworks
  • 2010.08
    Acquisition of anode materials business
  • 2010.11
    Beginning of COG by-product business
  • 2010.12
    Named one of the top 100 companies that created jobs
  • 2011.02
    Operation of a coke oven gas (COG) facility at Pohang Steelworks
  • 2011.11
    Completed construction of the anode material plant in Sejong
  • 2011.11
    Earned certification for Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • 2012.01
    Founded a burned lime subsidiary in Indonesia
  • 2012.10
    Acquired Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001) certification
  • 2013.02
    Started a chemical product subsidiary in Indonesia
  • 2013.04
    Breaking ground ceremony for PMC Tech in Gwangyang Steelworks
  • 2013.07
    Set up Yingkou Pohang Ltd.
  • 2014.11
    Won a commendation from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy in the performance sharing category for shared growth
  • 2015.10
    First to commercially produce needle cokes
  • 2017.01
    Named Energy Champion of Korea certified by Korea Energy Agency
  • 2017.06
    Won the Best Techno Company award at the 9th KOSDAQ Awards
  • 2018.11
    Completed phase 1 of construction of anode material plant in Sejong. Started phase 2 of construction of anode material plant
Transformative growth2009 ~
Revamping the company into a future-ready business
  • POSCO Chemical(2019~)

  • 2019.03
    Company gets a new name, POSCO Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • 2019.04
    Energy material business is integrated following the merger with POSCO ESM
  • 2019.05
    Marketable securities transferred and listed on KOSPI
  • 2019.07
    A cathode material plant in Gwangyang completed phase 1 of construction
  • 2019.10
    Completed phase 1 of construction of the second anode material plant
  • 2020.04
    Completed phase 2 of construction of the cathode material plant in Gwangyang
  • 2020.04
    Founded a parasports team
  • 2020.07
    Established P&O Chemical (subsidiary)
  • 2021.01
    Increased our paid-in capital by 1,273.5 billion KRW
  • 2021.04
    Celebrated the 50th anniversary of our founding
  • 2021.11
    Published our first responsible mineral report, the first of its kind by a South Korean battery company
  • 2021.12
    Announced jointly with General Motors(GM) a plan to establish a joint venture for the cathode business in North America
  • 2021.12
    Completed our Pohang artificial graphite anode production plant
  • 2022.04
    Started the construction of our Pohang cathode production plant
  • 2022.05
    Launched Ultium CAM, our joint venture with GM, and 8 trillion KRW cathode supply contract with Ultium Cells
  • 2022.07
    Published a roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality for battery materials by 2035
  • 2022.07
    Landed a 13 trillion KRW cathode supply contract with GM
  • 2022.10
    Completed P&O Chemical's hydrogen peroxide plant
  • 2022.11
    Completed the final phase of our Gwangyang cathode production plant (phases 3 and 4)
  • POSCO FUTURE M(2023~)

  • 2023.01
    Landed a 40 trillion KRW high-nickel cathode supply contract with Samsung SDI
  • 2023.03
    Company gets a new name, POSCO FUTURE M Co., Ltd.
  • 2023.04
    Landed a 30 trillion KRW high-nickel cathode supply contract with LG Energy Solution
  • 2023.05
    Ultium CAM, a joint venture with GM Announced investment of cathode active Material and precursor in north america
  • 2023.08
    Signed a MOA with NPSI to secure nickel supply network in the Philippines
  • 2023.08
    Unveiled new vision: "Motivate Future Movement for a Better World”
  • 2023.11
    Completed construction of South Korea’s first ‘Pitch’ plant for anode material coating
  • 2024.03
    Selected for "Asia Future 30“ by FORTUNE Asia
50 Years of
포스코퓨처엠 50년사 E-book 표지
Standing on a stepping stone of over 50 years of history,
we are embarking on another journey to become a company achieving 100 years of innovation.
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