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Major Subsidiaries

POSCO FUTURE M is working hard to address social issues and to make the world a better place on the basis of our resources and expertise in the chemical and energy materials business
    포스코MC머티리얼즈(POSOC MC MATERIALS) 건물
    POSCO MC Materials, shaping the future of the carbon materials industry
    POSCO MC Materials is Korea’s first premium needle coke manufacturer. The company was founded in November 2012 by marrying POSCO FUTURE M’s outstanding management infrastructure with Mitsubishi Chemical’s world-class technology, and Mitsubishi Corporation’s marketing network.
    POSCO MC Materials uses coal tar, a byproduct of steel process, to deliver high-quality products that create a variety of added value in the basic industrial materials field, such as needle coke, pitch coke, creosote oil, and naphthalene oil, through the industry’s finest technology and a systematic process.
    피앤오케미칼 건물
    The world leader in advanced precision chemical materials
    P&O Chemical produces state-of-the-art precision chemical materials including high-purity hydrogen peroxide and pitch for anode coating. P&O Chemical was established in July 2020 as a joint venture between POSCO FUTURE M, a global leader of chemical and energy materials, and OCI, which is involved in a diverse range of businesses, such as basic chemical products, solar power, and biotechnology.
    P&O Chemical uses coke-oven gas emitted during the steel process to produce high-purity hydrogen peroxide, an important material for cleaning and etching semiconductors and displays. In November 2023, the company completed the construction of a factory and started production for anode-coating pitch, which helps improve the charging/discharging efficiency and product lifecycle.
    We are scaling up the supply chain for battery materials in the North American EV market.
    POSCO FUTURE MATERIALS CANADA is a holding company that was established to increase investment in the battery materials sector in the North American EV market. The company, which strategically examines business and investment options, joined hands with GM to establish Ultium CAM in Quebec. Beginning in 2025, the joint venture is slated to provide high-nickel cathodes produced in plants with an annual production volume of 30,000 tons for the next eight years. In addition, we will broaden the scope of cooperation with other partners in North America to create a global supply chain for key EV-battery materials by signing additional supply contracts for cathodes and anodes on top of building a new precursor plant that will deliver an intermediate raw material and expanding the cathode plant.
    Homepage(Ultium CAM)
  • ZPR (Zhangjiagang Pohang Refractories Material Limited)
    장가항포항내화재료유한공사(ZPR) 회사
    We achieve customer satisfaction as a total solution provider of refractories.
    Zhangjiagang Pohang Refractories Material Limited is a company founded in July 2005 in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China. It supplies refractory materials and refurbishes furnaces to support the safe operation of POSCO Zhangjiagang Stainless Steel (PZSS), POSCO’s venture firm in China. Zhangjiagang Pohang Refractories Yingkou based in Yingkou, Liaoning Province inspects and manages the quality of fuels and refractories supplied to POSCO FUTURE M. The company supports the local supply of items with high competitiveness in price and quality, contributing to the improvement in profitability and quality. They also help expand the refractory market and improve profitability by facilitating work progress when discovering new suppliers in China.
    PT.KPCC(Krakatau Posco Chemical Calcianation) 회사
    We are leaping ahead to become quicklime experts equipped with global competitiveness.
    KRAKATAU POSCO FUTUREM (PT.KPFM) is a company that provides a stable supply of high-quality quicklime to Krakatau POSCO (PT.KP), the only integrated steel mill in Southeast Asia.
    PT.KPFM was established in January 2021 as a joint venture between POSCO FUTURE M, which boasts world-class quicklime technology and Krakatau Industrial Estate Cilegon (PT.KIET), an affiliate of a state-owned steel company in Indonesia.
    PT.KPFM has a system that can produce up to over 600 tons of quicklime per day with a purity of 85% or higher by sourcing and firing limestone from Indonesia.With systematized technology, PT.KPFM is offering high-quality quicklime that meets or exceeds customer expectations.
    PT.KPFM is continuing to improve its equipment and technology to realize the vision of catapulting to leadership in quicklime with global competitiveness.
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