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Social Contribution

POSCO FUTURE M will become a corporate citizen that shoulders responsibilities for the society and the people.
Social Contribution Vision
POSCO FUTURE M has established the social contribution vision of 'Together, we build a green world,' and operates social contribution programs to solve problems in local communities. Our three key directions are sustainable environmental protection, supporting future generations, and creating shared value with the local communities to develop sustainable future value.
  • Together
    Spread of positive influence by voluntary participation of employees. Communication with local stakeholders to identify social issues in partnership with experts.
  • We Build
    Leveraging POSCO FUTURE Ms’ key capability to solve social problems and provide meaningful, sustainable creative solutions.
  • A green World
    The final destination of POSCO FUTURE M’s social contribution activities based on green business and future-oriented technology.
Strategic Direction
Voluntary participation by employees
  • Sustainable environmental protection
    Building an ecosystem for sustainable development
  • Support for future
    Discover and assist the growth potential of future generations and provide psychological and emotional support.
  • Creation of shared value with local communities
    Discovering and tackling social issues together with local communities to care for marginalized groups.
Social Contribution Activity
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