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Social Contribution

POSCO FUTURE M will become a corporate citizen that shoulders responsibilities for the society and the people.
Our Vision for Social Contribution
POSCO FUTURE M is working to address social problems and make the world a better place by leveraging our core competencies, resources and expertise on chemical and energy materials business.
Based on our vision, “Together, we build a green world,” we have chosen training of aspiring young talent, making a sustainable environment, and creating social values for mutual growth of local communities as our key areas of focus.
Our Vision
  • Together
    Spread of positive influence by voluntary participation of employees. Communication with local stakeholders to identify social issues in partnership with experts.
  • We Build
    Leveraging POSCO FUTURE Ms’ key capability to solve social problems and provide meaningful, sustainable creative solutions.
  • A green World
    The final destination of POSCO FUTURE M’s social contribution activities based on green business and future-oriented technology.
Strategic Direction
Voluntary participation by employees
Heartfelt changes made out of the good will of our employees and continued spread of positive influence.
  • 1% Nanum fund
  • Talent donations
  • Nanumi team activities by department
  • Global Good Citizen Week
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Individual volunteering
  • Sustainable environmental protection
    Building an ecosystem for sustainable development
    · Training of young environmental leaders
    · Protection of the sea, rivers and steams
    · Conservation of the land ecosystem
  • Support the next generation
    Discover and assist the growth potential of future generations and provide psychological and emotional support.
    · Scholarships to help students continue with their basic education.
    · Help vulnerable students receive a proper education.
    · Offer psychological and emotional care programs.
  • Creation of mutually beneficial company-community values
    Discovering and tackling social issues together with local communities to care for marginalized groups.
    · Resolving community problems in connection with our business specialty.
    · Urban regeneration projects that support social enterprises.
    · Assisting the marginalized group in the community.
Building an ecosystem for sustainable development
  • Green Dream Environment School
    Starting from 2013, Green Dream Environment School is an education program in the areas of environment and science offered to vulnerable children. This is POSCO FUTURE M’s most representative social contribution activity. We offer an opportunity to experience hands-on programs to children who are less exposed to sound education programs. Our goal is to help them grow into members of society who are aware of the importance of energy and environment.
  • Conservation of the land and sea ecosystem
    POSCO FUTURE M is conducting different environment preservation activities for sustainable sea and land ecosystem near our locations. Many of our employees are taking part in cleaning well-known tourist attractions, such as the Cheongrim beach near our Pohang office and a corporate park in Gwangyang.
We discover and assist the growth potential of future generations and provide psychological and emotional support
  • Training of refractory laying technicians for mutual growth
    POSCO FUTURE M is running an education program to train talented refractory construction specialists and helping them get quality jobs. With the program, POSCO FUTURE M offers professional vocational training to job seekers to help them get jobs. This is also part of our effort to practice corporate citizenship, helping the refractory industry get the manpower it needs.
  • Equal education opportunity and creating an environment for sound education
    We are operating various support projects to provide an equal education opportunity and create a sound environment for children in local children centers, orphanage and child care facilities. In addition to a project to build small libraries, we are supporting children with educational materials, books, and private tutoring, and volunteer tutoring programs to help them grow into a healthy member of the society.
Creation of mutually beneficial company-community values
  • Solving social problems through communication with local communities
    POSCO FUTURE M is working to address social problems on the basis of our capability. We are at the forefront of tackling social issues, by installing solar-powered LED safety signs for safe environment for children, providing batteries to electric wheelchairs users, selling of local agricultural produce and offering quarantine tools to help farming communities overcome COVID-19, and assisting those who have suffered from natural disasters to rebuild their homes.
  • Support for starting social enterprises and protection of the vulnerable groups
    POSCO FUTURE M is helping young entrepreneurs to establish social enterprises together with helping the vulnerable groups in the community. Chungrim, a laundromat cafe, has become a local attraction as a place to relax and meet friends for local residents and workers. Profits made are used to help Chungrim employees start new businesses, create assets and are also used as incentives. In addition, we are involved in diverse activities to help marginalized groups by providing daily necessities, support kits, helping welfare facilities, new born babies, and elderly who collect discarded paper.
Employee Volunteering
POSCO FUTURE M employees are engaged in various volunteer activities to practice Nanum with the local community. Different volunteer teams are using their talents and skills to become tutors and volunteer in connection with company clubs. At our business locations, the Nanumi volunteer group is a catalyst for internal communication between different generations and a source of positive influence in the community. In addition, we are operating diverse volunteer programs, including the Global Good Citizen Week, and selective participation activities. We are working to build a platform of various volunteer and sharing activities through which our employees can feel happy and rewarded.
포스코케미칼 청림해변 환경정화 2021년 6월 1일(화)
[Nanumi team operation status] (as of 2020)
[Nanumi team operation status] (as of 2020)
Regions Pohang Gwangyang Gumi Sejong Seoul Total
Number of teams 53 19 9 8 1 89
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