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Basic Industrial Materials

Our essential basic materials are used in the beginning of all industries, including steel.

Basic Industrial Materials

Our refractory solutions and high-grade quicklime products underpin the operation of many industries, including steelmaking.

By leveraging our longstanding partnership with our Group steelmaker, POSCO, we are broadening our portfolio to include petrochemicals and power plants.

Refractories are materials that retain chemical properties and strength at high temperatures. Their excellent heat resistance allow them to serve as versatile industrial materials; refractories are the preferred material for blast furnaces and petrochemical plants.

For over 50 years, POSCO FUTURE M has catered to POSCO, a global provider of top quality steel. We offer a full suite of solutions that range from refractory manufacturing to engineering and construction. Our products are tailored to meet the needs of each customer.
Product category Characteristics Applications
Magnesia clinker
(S-95, S-98)
Magnesia clinker is a raw material for refractories. It is made from magnesia extracted from sea water. To stabilize and improve the quality of refractories.
Shaped refractories
(Magnesia carbon, Magnesia chrome refractories)
Brick-shaped refractory materials with remarkable stability, mechanical strength and erosion resistance. Various industrial furnaces
Unshaped refractories
(castables, stamp materials, tundish coating materials)
Refractory powder with superb constructability and productivity. Industrial maintenance
Functional refractories
Characterized by excellent resistant to heat and corrosion; applied in special parts such as steelmaking converters To strengthen the quality of steel.
Refractory engineering Customized refractory solutions for industrial plants, such as steel, non-ferrous metal, cement, petrochemicals and power plants.
Obtained by processing limestone at high temperatures, quicklime is used in steelmaking to remove impurities and enhance reactivity. The quality of quicklime dictates the quality and productivity of steel products.
POSCO FUTURE M uses a wide range of equipment for the calcination process to produce quality quicklime suited to ironmaking and steelmaking purposes. Today, we supply over 2.4 million tons of quicklime, the largest output volume in Korea, to the steel mills in Pohang and Gwangyang.
  • Ironmaking Iron ore aggregates

    Quicklime is used to enhance the binding of iron ore in the blast furnace and to increase productivity of the ironmaking process.
  • Steelmaking Removal of impurities

    Quicklime is used to convert molten iron into steel by removing impurities and to enhance the quality of steel products.
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